Edmonton, Alberta - Model Training Program

Spotlight on Beauty - October 25, 2009 (Introduction and Overview)


· To introduce Pure Fashion’s goals to the models and their parents

· To help the models and parents discover the nature of true beauty

· To motivate the models to be role models

· To show that the fashion world needs true beauty and role models


Mother-Daughter Tea - November 29, 2009 (Etiquette and Manners)


· To teach the models about personal dignity, which shines forth in their poised elegance,

    their social manners, and the way they treat others

· To teach them specific norms of etiquette, why etiquette is important, and the value of

    cultivating social manners

· To help all to enjoy a lovely afternoon!


Christmas Missions - December 13, 2009 (Service to the Community)


· To help the young women understand that they influence others and that they should strive

    to give the best of themselves

· To teach models to work as a team to encourage unity and effectiveness of work

· To help the young women truly experience the joy of giving


Reflections - January 24, 2010 (Hair / Make-up and Photos)


· To impress upon the models that their exterior presentation transmits a message

· To motivate the models to use their external appearance to reflect true beauty

· To teach the models professional make-up application and hair styling techniques

· To train the young women to look for and acknowledge true beauty in their peers

· To recognize and be thankful for others’ service on their behalf


Heart & Soul Makeover - February 19 - 21, 2010 (Weekend Retreat)


· To develop the models awareness that the fashion industry mitigates against true beauty  

    and to commit them to working toward a culture of authentic beauty

· To teach the models about purity and how to live it personally, in their relationships with 

    others, and with God

· To help the young women understand the value of authenticity and of living the virtue in their way of thinking, their choices, and their actions

· To help the models experience Christ as a true, totally faithful friend


Elegant Expression - March 28, 2010 (Public Speaking)


· To teach the models how to prepare a talk or presentation with the vision that an attractive

   face without a message is only half the picture of a real model;

· To give the models confidence in their message;

· To help the models improve their public speaking skills; proper use of their voice, body

   language and verbal delivery

· To help the models realize that confidence in speaking before a group comes from being authentic, from practicing what they preach


Runways of Life - April 25, 2010 (Runway Training)


· To instil coherence in the models by teaching them to practice what they preach, to be the

    same people at all places in their lives, and to behave as they should even when being true to themselves requires courage

· To help the mothers understand that they are role models


Dress Design Contest - November 2009 - March 2010


· A dress design contest will be held for all models interested in participating and a winning design  

   chosen for presentation in the Fashion Show Finale!


Fashion Show Finale - May 31, 2010


*** The maximum cost will be $500.00 per applicant for all 8 modules of the model training program and is approximately 1/4 of the full value offered! ***