Opening Session

Atlanta's "spotlight on beauty" session kicked off the Pure Fashion season. The new Pure Fashion Models gathered together to hear about the exciting things planned for the year and to meet one another and their "super models" (Pure Fashion team leaders).

All models were divided into super model teams, led by previous Pure Fashion models who exemplify the message of Pure Fashion. They had a great time breaking the ice and getting to know one another!

Later, we heard fabulous presentations by core members of the Pure Fashion team. The testimony of National Director, Mrs. Brenda Sharman, was especially inspiring, as she shared her story of her 20 year modeling career, her conversion to the Catholic Church, and how she invited Christ into her closet! We also went over the Pure Fashion creed so that each of our new Pure Fashion models came to understand what Pure Fashion believes about protecting one's innocence and purity by dressing modestly and being pure of heart.

Photography by Ben Vigil.